Staff Directory

Co-Principal                      Katie Willson               [email protected]                     
Co-Principal    Justin Wood  j[email protected]
Assistant Principal                     Tia Dickson        [email protected] 
Director of Student Services            Katie Volpicelli          [email protected]  
Director of Curriculum & Instruction                Cheryl Covell            [email protected]               
Clerical Staff
Admin. Assist. -
Main Office                    
Jo Ann Davis [email protected]s
Admin. Assist. -
Main Office   
Meghan Dushko [email protected]
Admin. Assist. -
Attendance Office            
Dana Vallese [email protected]
Admin. Assist. -
 Student Services
Deanna Waterman [email protected] 
Admin. Assist. -
Student Services
Sarah MacArthur [email protected] 
Ph: 607-844-8694 x 2608
District Office   Katie Coon [email protected],Ext. 1459
School Nurse Renee Butler [email protected]
   Kim Kelchner  [email protected]             
School Lunch Specialist Megan Munson
Transportation Supervisor Lora Cavanagh [email protected]  
Transportation Assistant Gail Piger
[email protected]
Sarah Andree [email protected]  
Sue Davis [email protected]    
Shannon Humphrey            [email protected]  
Erin Preston [email protected]  
Devin Case [email protected]    
Rachel Green  [email protected]   
Cheryl Stoyell [email protected] 
Karla Tracy [email protected]    
Sarah VanTassel  [email protected] 
Rhea Addy
[email protected]
Rebecca Siegard  [email protected]  
First Grade    
Katrina Alexander [email protected]    
Stephanie Burns [email protected]
Danielle Gomolka           [email protected]  
Mark Pflug [email protected]  
Marilyn VanSlyke 
 [email protected]  
Charl Wojcik
[email protected]
Second Grade    
Lacey Brown  [email protected]    
Jade Case [email protected]  
Amanda Rink-Cortright 
[email protected]   
Kori Mack  [email protected] 
Bonnie Stedwell [email protected]
 Kate McKee [email protected]  
 Justina Dolson  [email protected]
Amanda Rink-Cortright 
[email protected]
Third Grade    
Beth Frost          [email protected]  
Erica Kueffer  [email protected]    
Ashley Smith [email protected]
Tetiana Urazgildiieva [email protected]  
Kailey Smith [email protected]    
Emma Busch [email protected]   
Fourth Grade    
Andrew Busch [email protected]  
Jen Warner  [email protected]  
Vanessa Fitts [email protected]  
Mariah Gerty [email protected]   
Jill Knout  [email protected]    
Nicole Volkert [email protected]    
Ashley Peters-Vinhage [email protected]
Lori Zilli [email protected]    
Fifth Grade    
Leo Guelpa  [email protected]
David Magin  [email protected]  
Deanna Nassar  [email protected]    
Lisa Rosen  [email protected]     
Julianna VanSant  [email protected]    
Rebekah Toner [email protected]    
Valerie Rose  [email protected]   
Kelly Scott [email protected]  
Daniel Ryan  [email protected]    
Elizabeth Corbett    
Kelly Lutz
     (K/5 General Music)
[email protected]    
Jessica Mincer
     (K/5 General Music)
[email protected]     
Adam Phillips-Burdge
     (4/5 Instrumental Band Music) 
[email protected]    
Physical Education    
Pat McMenamin               [email protected]              
Krista Gillette  [email protected]  
Cierra Barnes Hulbert  [email protected]  
David Lott [email protected]    
Karen Weaver  [email protected]    
Teaching Assistants    
Tracey Bachner  [email protected]    
Dytonya Dapp  [email protected]    
Beth Peck  [email protected]    
Nick Labbate   [email protected]  
Keisha Creech  [email protected]
Support Staff    
ESL Teacher David George [email protected]  
Psychologist  Melissa Kline  [email protected]
Psychologist/CSE & 504 Chair Shanell Daman [email protected] 
Psychologist/CSE & 504 Chair Cara Smith [email protected]
Social Worker  Allison Peyus [email protected]  
Social Worker        Elizabeth Howe  [email protected]s
Behavior Specialist  Chris Nightingale [email protected]
K/5 Instructional Coach Mary Wright [email protected]  
Title I Academic Support Joanne Andersen [email protected]  
Title I Academic Support Dana Bell [email protected]  
Title I Academic Support  Gail Cole [email protected]  
Title I Academic Support  Bridget Commisso [email protected]  
Title I Academic Support  Andrea Edwin-Russo [email protected]  
Title I Academic Support  Billi-Jo Lott [email protected]  
Title I Academic Support  Jennifer Palumbo  [email protected]  
Title I Academic Support  Kathy Poole [email protected]   
Title I Academic Support  Lisa Schug [email protected]  
Title I Academic Support  Aleza Simons  [email protected]
Title I Academic Support 
Joyce Wigsten
[email protected]
Speech  Jamie Barney [email protected]
Speech  Amanda Callanan [email protected]
Speech  Chavonne McKenna              [email protected]
Speech  Kate Lui [email protected]
Speech        Kelly O’Gara Sinn  [email protected]
Jamie Barney  [email protected]
Math AIS   Joyce Wigsten  [email protected] 
Tech Lab  Melissa Josey [email protected]
Occupational Therapist  Karen Black [email protected]  
Occupational Therapist  Meredith Santana  [email protected]
Occupational Therapy        
Liza Bourdon [email protected]  
Teacher Aides &
School Monitors
Kelly Armstrong  [email protected]    
Stacy Arnold  [email protected]    
Jennifer Addy 
[email protected]  
Jordan Arnold  [email protected]    
Kyle Burns  [email protected]  
Michele Burns  [email protected]    
Shannon Calhoun  [email protected]    
Charity Cole [email protected]  
Taylor Beeman [email protected]  
Kim Ellis  [email protected]    
Dan Hetherington  [email protected]   
 Susan Stoughton [email protected]  
Christine Totman [email protected]  
Charity McLorn  [email protected]    
Amanda Volkert [email protected]  
Gilaine Romano  [email protected]    
Kim Schneider  [email protected]   
Cindy Seymour  [email protected]    
Tammy Shutter  [email protected]    
Elizabeth D'Albano [email protected] 
Michelle Warwick  [email protected]  
Corky Yacavone  [email protected]     
Mallory Woodhull [email protected]  
Evan Masten [email protected]  
Mallory Pudney [email protected]  
Grace Snyder-Hall [email protected]  
Amanda Volkert  [email protected]  
Makaila Welch [email protected]  
Donna Salerno  [email protected]
Tina Senecal  [email protected]  
Veronica Parsons-Zieba     
Zackary Willson