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The qualities of resilience and confidence are fostered in students by holding high expectations throughout their academic careers. When our students are taught to think critically and creatively using all of their resources, they tackle problems with confidence. 


Principal’s Message

Dear Dryden Elementary School Families and Community, 

We have come to the end of our first trimester at school.  Report cards will be going home on Friday, December 14th.  If you have any questions about the report card, please contact the school.  We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your child’s progress. 

Effective December 10, 2018, we will be making a few changes to our James Street parent pickup.  To ensure all students’ safety, please note the following:· 

All vehicles should pull to the right as they pull into the circle.· 
All students will give their name at the door PRIOR to them leaving the building.  This will allow the person covering the door to ensure that only the students who are scheduled to be walkers or parent pickups at James Street are leaving via this door.

Please be patient with us as we make this change.  Again, these changes are being made to ensure the safety of all of our students. 

Did you know there is strong evidence that links vocabulary and reading comprehension?  Here at DES we have started a Word of the Week.  At the beginning of each week a new word is announced and defined on the morning announcements.  For the remainder of that week, the word is revisited in a variety of ways.  The word is then posted on a bulletin board in the main hallway.  Students are encouraged to suggest words, and several have been added to our word collector box, also located in the main hallway.  This is one small way we are increasing students’ vocabulary, and ultimately their reading comprehension.  Are you interested in learning other ways to increase your child’s vocabulary?  Do you need ideas or resources?  Contact us and we can help. 

As we enter the busy holiday season, I hope you enjoy the extra time with your children.  Play outside, build a snowman, have hot chocolate or spend some time sharing a good book.  Whatever you do over the winter break, I hope the time is filled with peace and happiness.  Happy holidays!As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns. 
~Dawn Wenzel, Principal Dryden Elementary School 

Helping Hands Around the Holiday

The STAR (Students Taking Action Respectfully) members played a vital part in our Annual Thanksgiving Drive this year. They decorated the collection boxes and made morning announcements to remind the Dryden Elementary Community of the food drive. They displayed a Turkey with feathers representing the character traits they felt best represented the food drive. Those traits are Caring, Cooperation, Compassion, Generosity, Service and Unity. The STAR members would like to say a BIG Thank You to those who were able to participate in helping to provide 160 families in our district with a Thanksgiving Basket this year!

Recess Reminder

It’s that time of year again…when the weather gets worse and we need to think about appropriate dress for outside play in the snow and cold. Please note that we try to get the children outside every day unless it is raining or too cold (below 15 degrees) so warm dress is important for the children to enjoy this one time of day that they are free to play.
Once the snow starts, we do require students to have boots in order to play out in the snow. Students who forget boots will still play outside, but they will be restricted to playing on the blacktop behind the school. We also encourage the use of snow pants so that children do not have to be wet and uncomfortable for the rest of their day. One alternative to snow pants is to send in an extra pair of pants and socks for your child – that way they can change to play outside and still have dry clothes for the rest of the school day.

If you need a winter coat, boots or snow pants for your child, please let us know in the office. We are here to help you in any way we can…please let us know what you need


Please remember there is NO PARKING in the Fire Lane at anytime. There is also NO PARKING or DROP OFFS in the Union Street bus circle between 8-9am and 2:30-3:30pm.

If you are dropping off your child off please use the James Street Circle or park in the parking lot on Union Street.

Dryden Police have been monitoring this and they will issue tickets to those people not following the parking regulations.

Dryden Police also monitor traffic (Stop signs and speed) around Dryden Elementary School. Please come to a complete stop before entering the parking lot and also coming out of the bus circle. Please be aware of your speed when driving near the school and watch for those STOP signs.

Upcoming Events

12:20PM - 12:50PM

School Hours

9:00 AM - 3:22 PM

Student arrival time is no earlier than 8:40 AM. 

Any student arriving after 9:00 AM will be considered late and must sign in at the main office.

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