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The qualities of resilience and confidence are fostered in students by holding high expectations throughout their academic careers. When our students are taught to think critically and creatively using all of their resources, they tackle problems with confidence. 


Principal’s Message

Dear Dryden Elementary School Families and Community,

January was an exciting month here at DES.  On Saturday, January 26th we celebrated “Bus for Us”.  A huge shout out to “It’s Talktime, Dryden” for bringing this event to Dryden Elementary.  Over 350 students and their families came to DES to rent a vehicle, drive the track, fix their engine, go through the car wash, make and eat a fun, healthy snack, and much more.  If you’d like more information on It’s Talktime, Dryden, please visit their Facebook page.

On Monday, January 28th we welcomed 18 students to our new UPK classroom.  We are so excited to have the opportunity to have these 18 new little Lions and this new classroom.  Many thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.

Cafeteria News:
Thanks to our PBIS committee, Mr. King and Mrs. Powell, we’ve started a new incentive program during lunch.  Every day students have the opportunity to earn PAWS for positive behavior.  At the end of lunch the class PAWS are collected and totaled.  Once a class has earned 25 PAWS, they earn a “Golden PAW”. These, too, are collected and totaled. When a class earns 15 Golden PAWS, they have the opportunity to make reservations and eat in the Lions’ Den where they will be treated to special tablecloths, centerpieces, and other surprises.  We hope your children are excited to earn the opportunity to eat in the Lions’ Den!

Weather Delays:
Please remember we do not serve breakfast when there is a two hour delay. Breakfast will be served if there is a one hour delay.

February will bring more excitement and great things here to DES.  Please read about some of the special February happenings in this newsletter.  Don’t forget to ask your student what they are learning at school, and how they are following the PAWS Pledge.

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions or comment.

~Dawn Wenzel, Principal

Dryden "Has Heart" Can Drive

Dryden Elementary, Cassavant Elementary, and Freeville Elementary Schools are happy to announce that they will once again be hosting the “Dryden has Heart” Can Drive which will benefit The Kitchen Cupboard here in Dryden.  Students can start bringing in canned food items on Monday, February 4, 2019.  The last day to collect cans will be Thursday, February 14, 2019.  On the last collection day, the three elementary schools will come together to celebrate their efforts in an assembly at DES.  A representative from the Dryden Kitchen Cupboard will be presented with the donations.  This year a group from George Jr. has been collaborating with the Character Ed.  Committee to help support us.  They have been busy making collection boxes for all three buildings.  Please consider donating a can or two to our effort!

Counselor's Corner

What is the most difficult, yet the most rewarding job?

Parenting.  Parenting is all about communication, both talking and listening. As we practice this skill, we are modeling for our children effective communication skills.  Here are some tips for creating open communication with your child.  

· When your children talk to you about their concerns, stop what you are doing and listen.

· Show interest by looking at them, repeating back what you are hearing, and asking questions to find out more.

· Withhold judgments, even if what they are telling you is hard to hear.

· Allow them the chance to finish talking before you begin.

· When you do respond, keep your child’s feelings in mind and resist the urge to argue.

· Remember that you always have the option to come back to a discussion later or agree to disagree. 

Communication is something that we work on all throughout our lives and following these tips will put our children on the road to being great communicators as well.

The next parenting in Dryden class begins on February 26, 2019.  This class will add new skills to your parenting tool box. Please see attached flyer for more information.

parenting class flyer 02.26.19.pdf

Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

Questions to ask your child while reading fiction text:

· Who is the main character?

· What is the setting in the story?  Does the setting change?

· What was the problem in the story and how was it solved?

· Did the character change during the story?  How?

· How are you like the main character?  How are you different?

· What do you predict will happen in the next story?

· Why do you think the author chose this title for the story?

· Do you like the title of the story?  Why or why not?

· Can you think of a different title for the story?

· Which character from the story would you choose to be your friend?  Why?

· Which part of the story was the most exciting?  Why?

· Did you like the end of the story?  Why or why not?

· Which parts in the story could really happen?  Which parts could not really happen?

Recess Reminder

It’s that time of year again…when the weather gets worse and we need to think about appropriate dress for outside play in the snow and cold. Please note that we try to get the children outside every day unless it is raining or too cold (below 15 degrees) so warm dress is important for the children to enjoy this one time of day that they are free to play.
Once the snow starts, we do require students to have boots in order to play out in the snow. Students who forget boots will still play outside, but they will be restricted to playing on the blacktop behind the school. We also encourage the use of snow pants so that children do not have to be wet and uncomfortable for the rest of their day. One alternative to snow pants is to send in an extra pair of pants and socks for your child – that way they can change to play outside and still have dry clothes for the rest of the school day.

If you need a winter coat, boots or snow pants for your child, please let us know in the office. We are here to help you in any way we can…please let us know what you need


Please remember there is NO PARKING in the Fire Lane at anytime. There is also NO PARKING or DROP OFFS in the Union Street bus circle between 8-9am and 2:30-3:30pm.

If you are dropping off your child off please use the James Street Circle or park in the parking lot on Union Street.

Dryden Police have been monitoring this and they will issue tickets to those people not following the parking regulations.

Dryden Police also monitor traffic (Stop signs and speed) around Dryden Elementary School. Please come to a complete stop before entering the parking lot and also coming out of the bus circle. Please be aware of your speed when driving near the school and watch for those STOP signs.

Upcoming Events

6:00PM - 7:30PM

School Hours

9:00 AM - 3:22 PM

Student arrival time is no earlier than 8:40 AM. 

Any student arriving after 9:00 AM will be considered late and must sign in at the main office.

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