Meet the principals

Photo of Justin wood, co-principal of Dryden Elementary
Justin Wood, Co-Principal 

Hello, my name is Justin Wood and I am the Co-Principal of Dryden Elementary School (grades 3-5). I have worked in education for 16 years and 5 of those years have been with the Dryden Central School District (DSCD). 

As a student, my trajectory was greatly shifted by the teachers and coaches in my life. I feel indebted to the profession for the success I have had, the support for my family, and the work I now get to do. 

Fun Fact: I attended and graduated from DCSD as did my wife Tiffany. We bought our home in Dryden next door to where she grew up and are raising our 3 children there. My children Caden (7th grade) and Maddie (4th grade) currently attend DCSD, and Lainey (2 years old) will attend soon enough.

Photo of Kate Willson co-principal of Dryden Elementary School
Katie Willson, Co-Principal 
Hello there, my name is Katie Willson and I am the Co-Principal of Dryden Elementary School (grades PK-2). I have worked in education 23 years and all with the Dryden Central School District. I have spent 21 years as a classroom teacher and this is my second year as principal.
My passion for education stems from helping students become successful in all areas of education. I truly believe in our core beliefs as a district that students come first, everyone can learn, and a safe, joyful, and nurturing environment promotes learning and growth.
Fun Fact: I am a Dryden graduate. I have a son and step son who are graduates of the district and my youngest son will graduate from Dryden in 2025. Throughout my time with Dryden Central School District, I have worked in every building.

Photo of assistant principal Tia Dickson
Tia Dickson, Assistant Principal

Greetings, my name is Tia Dickson and I am the Assistant Principal at Dryden Elementary School. I have worked in education for 18 years and this is my fifth year at the Dryden Central School District. 

One of my favorite things about working in education is seeing the children’s excitement every day. This inspires me to find joy in my day. 

Fun Fact: One thing you might not know about me is that I had a career in the restaurant business before I went into education. I went to culinary school and owned my own restaurant. I still love to cook till this day!